Elisir 3000 Foam Mattress

Elisir 3000 Memory Foam / Gel Mattress

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Be tough by day and relaxed at night: Elisir 4000 is softer on the shoulders and calfs!


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Elisir 4000 is particularly comfortable in the shoulder and calf areas, thanks to the innovation of Mousse inserted into the mattress layers. Mousse Gel enhances the top surface with its pleasant heat regulating features and breathability. The contour cut surface increases ventilation and distributes firmness over 7 zones.
Top contact surface in Mousse Gel is 4 cm thick
Shoulder area and calves area in Mousse 3,5 cm thick
Core total thickness: 18 cm.


Elisir is an innovative line of mattresses and pillows designed to provide us with the best sleep possible.

Elisir adapts perfectly to any sleeping habits. Forget those sleepless nights trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep or being suddenly woken up by hot flashes. Forget the mornings when you wake up tired.



This gel is created by an exclusive Dorsal process: the fusion of Mousse Gel and Natur Memory. It guarantees heat regulation and breathability and helps to disperse body heat. It repeats the shape of the body and becomes the perfect support that brings relief. It reacts quickly to changes in position, so that sleep remains deep and restful.


MOUSSE GEL, a highly heat regulating breathable material. It helps to disperse heat and adapts to the contours of the body.

MOUSSE, a highly adaptable natural material, viscoelastic yet not heat sensitive. Its indispensable addition into the more delicate areas such as the shoulders, make Elisir mattresses anatomical.

NATUR MEMORY, a natural heat sensitive material; its special structure relieves body pressure allowing the spine to relax.



Elisir is "anatomical": it helps your body maintain the right position during sleep, freeing it of tension and rigidity. Your shoulders and joints are in a more natural position and this will help to reduce muscular and joint pain.

Elisir provides relaxing sleep and helps recover energy.

Elisir is load-bearing: designed to bear heavy weights, it is suitable for all builds.

Elisir is heat regulating: dispersing the body’s excessive heat.

Elisir is breathable: humidity is absorbed and dispersed to eliminate the annoyance of waking up due to a sudden flash of heat.

Elisir is hygienic and non-allergenic.





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