Why Slat Beds?


What is a Perfect Bed?

A perfect bed consists of no less than a perfect base, perfect mattress, and a perfect pillow. Any one of the above bed components has a crucial effect on sleep. Research conducted over a ten year period has shown that synergy between frame, mattress, and pillow is essential to great sleep, because even the best mattress can become less effective if it is not matched by a base with anatomical support. Frame, mattress, and pillow must work together to support the spine, conforming to its natural shape, providing elasticity at pressure points, supporting the vertebrae, and producing a stretching effect on them, relieving the spine of the weight of the body. This is the best and healthiest condition for sleep and it is precisely what Dorsal offers.

21st Century Mattresses

With premium materials and unique processing techniques, Dorsal mattresses vary in composition, structure, density, and heights which means that a bed system can provide unique individual support to each body type. Layers of gel, memory foam, mousse, and Zefiro tubes are sandwiched together to provide a "floating" effect.

Slatted Bed Bases & Anatomical Supports

Dorsal's slatted bed bases work in synergy with the mattresses and enhance comfort. The strongest, most flexible laminated beech wood is used in our slats and strict quality control is complied with to make the Dorsal bases unique in strength and reliability. Their looks have been designed to blend harmoniously with any furniture style. Flexible anatomical supports are added to some of the models such as X-Point and Butterfly. These supports allow for unmatched flexibility of movement.

Dorsal Pillows

A pillow is the final touch needed to relax. Dorsal pillows provide proper support allowing the cervical spine, muscles, and relevant nerves to relax. Dorsal's range of pillows is unmatched incl. the "breathable" Zefiro pillows as well as the mousse-filled stress-release pillows.

Dorsal Covers

The cover provides extra comfort, softness and hygiene. Dorsal offers a variety of covers for its mattresses incl. hypoallergenic covers with real silver thread. Our covers can be removed with a single zipper to be washed at home, no dry cleaning needed!


Medical Device

The vertebral column is a perfect device of which one must take maximum care. To sleep on inadequate beds, with slats and mattresses too rigid or too soft, means to compromise the natural positions and shape of the body, provoking sensations of “pins and needles” and muscular annoyance of back, arms, and legs.

This happens due to poor blood circulation and overly high pressure on focus points. With a Dorsal mattress the spine relaxes in a natural way as the materials used on our mattresses provide pressure relief.

Dorsal works while you sleep!

This logo means that Dorsal products passed and comply the European Standards for medical equipment.



Research and Development

Dorsal had testing performed by the CATAS laboratory with the aim of testing pressure relief advantages of NaturMemory foam used in conjunction with Dorsal bedframes and pillows. Body Pressure Measurement System was operated, a software able to localize the differences of distribution of the pressure of the human body.

Positions assumed were both "on the side" and "face up" to simulate the usual sleeping positions. The three persons used different bed frame systems to best match each person's anatomy and provide optimal muscle relaxation.

The Testing

The images below show three persons, different in body shape and weight (upper: female, 56kg, 165cm; middle: male, 75kg, 175cm; bottom: male, 100kg, 185cm).

The test shows how all three persons did not develop a high level of pressure because both mattress and bed frame worked together to give the best weight distribution. The scale measures the pressure (in mmHg) that converted in gr/m² or pounds/inch² are 1,36gr/m² or 0.02pounds/inch². For example the green area, point of maximum pressure located on hips and shoulders (18.5 to 24.5) means a pressure on your skin of 34gr/m² (0.5pounds/inch²).

Person 1 - 56 kg

face up

on the side

Person 2 - 75 kg

face up

on the side

Person 3 - 100 kg

face up

on the side